These are some of my favorite tools I use in creating ATCs.  I’m not paid to endorse any of these brands…there may be better products out there.  These are just the ones that I know and love.

I added pictures because I know it’s frustrating to have someone describe something, but you don’t know what exactly they are talking about!

Heavy duty paper cutter

paper cutter

Mod Podge (I use matte for gluing backs onto the ATC; I also use gloss and the sparkly or shimmery ones to finish the tops of ATCs)


Q-tips (I use these to apply Mod Podge so I don’t have to rinse my brush or risk ruining a brush)


Embossing powders (clear is good for topping cards; chunky clear gives an interesting finish)

embossing powder

Small scissors


Hole punches, circle punches and other punches

hole punchcraft punches

Heat gun (mine is heavy duty because of other crafts I do; some prefer the smaller ones)

heat gun

Copic markers and multi liners


Ink pads (my favorite are from a la mode, but they are hard to find)

ink pad

UHU glue stick (when I don’t want to mess with the heavier glue for a quick tack)


Baby wipes (I keep them close to wipe glue and inks off my fingers to keep from transferring it where it shouldn’t go!)

baby  wipes

Tiny clips (think miniature chip clip! I use them to hold layers together until glue dries; find them with office/school supplies)

paper clamps

Diamond glaze (love this for a thick, clear coat of shine. Looks like resin glaze)

diamond glaze


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