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Back from my Travels!


I’ve been traveling for the past two weeks, so I haven’t had a chance to post. I was in Africa with very limited access to the Internet. But, I came home to a full stack of mail from my swapping pals.

So for my Friday recap, these are some of the ATCs I received while I was gone. These first ones were for swaps using postage stamps. I’m such a Muppet fan, that I just adore this fabulous Kermit the frog one with the original postage cancellation! These both came from Barb Rhoades in Pennsylvania.


These two are from Gloria Freeman in Alexandria, Virginia. I love how exotic the snake ATC is…hard to believe it is a Canadian stamp and not Asian!


This Zetti style ATC comes from my swap pal Janis Bowen. She does such great work with Zetti!


This next ATC was for a steampunk themed swap. Susan is a newcomer to Swap-bot, but obviously not new to art. She drew this gorgeous bird in color pencils, pastels and ink. It is stunning!


The last one is a collage using a Masterboard technique, made by Kathie Meli. I love the repetition of the playing cards’ royalty throughout.


I’ll soon be adding a post showing a little experiment I did testing various glossy topcoat finishes. Look for that soon! Have a good weekend!




I have been experimenting with creating art in a style that is new to me:  Zetti.  This is a folk art style that was initially developed by Teesha Moore.  What appeals to me is that it combines collage and zentangle style artwork to create whimsical scenes that can only come from the deepest parts of one’s imagination. Here’s a sample of a Zetti ATC I created:

The Cat Will Play

The Cat Will Play

Using various scraps of paper, I created the background.  I like to use matte Mod Podge to adhere the layers of paper.  I use a Q-tip/cotton swab to apply the glue because I’m too ADHD to remember to wash my brush before it dries.  This way, I just pitch the swab when I am finished.

Zetti style uses bright colors and geometric shapes reminiscent of a vintage circus scene.  The body was a cutout that someone gave me as a swap extra.  The head of the cat I cut out of an envelope in which someone mailed a swap to me.  The envelope appeared to have been made out of wrapping paper that had the cutest cats on it.  I’ve made several ATCs using those cat images!  You never know where you are going to find your art supplies…possibly in the trash can!

After assembling the images, I then use my Copic multiliner and a white gel pen to doodle on the card, tying the elements together and making it look cohesive.  I then added the words, which is a twist on the traditional “When the cat’s away, the mice do play.”  In this case it is the cat who is playing…a mandolin!

Zetti style art is one of those types of creative outlets in which you can do no wrong.  The scene you create on your ATC can be as bizarre or whimsical as you wish it to be.  Your doodles can be childish and primitive…it all works!  Give it a try!

Google “Zetti art” for more inspiration!

Supplies you might need (see my Tools I Love section for how I use these items):

20130508-103736.jpgCopicsqtipsscissorsbaby  wipes