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Topcoats…does it matter which one?


I like my ATCs and, especially my Inchies, to look finished. Often I will use traditional Mod Podge or even glossy Mod Podge, but sometimes I need part of the ATC to really be highlighted. That is when I choose to use one of the thicker, glassy topcoat adhesives. I had started crafting with Diamond Glaze, and really like it, but I have to order it online as it is not available in my local stores. Some others are more readily available, so I decided to test three to see if they truly differ.

We can start with Diamond Glaze. I always order it online from Amazon. It’s usually around $7.00, and I order it when I’m getting other items so that it will qualify for free shipping. It goes on in a way that is manageable. It does tend to have bubbles if you are not careful and squeezing very slowly. It takes several hours to dry.


The next one I used is Glossy Accents. I ordered it online from a store that sells ATC supplies. It was about the same price as the Diamond Glaze. This product goes on thicker, and is made by Ranger, which we all know and love. It seems to have the fastest drying time of the three, and fewer large bubbles than the DG; however it does have more tiny bubbles. They are more challenging to drag to the edge because the GA is so thick.


The last product is made by Mod Podge. It is readily available in most craft stores. I bought mine locally for around $6.00. This one comes out very quickly, so be ready. It is thinner, so it tends to pour out rather than be squeezed. This also means it seems to have fewer bubbles than the others, but it does have the longest drying time. The package suggests 24 hours, which can be challenging for those of us who are impatient artists!


This is how they looked when I first applied them.


So the real test is in the finished product. I applied a square of each to see how they look when dry. I accidentally smudged the one on the left before it had dried completely, so it looks a little thinner. Otherwise the finishes are all nearly identical. The DG seems to darken the surface of the paper more than the others, though. If your paper is porous, you may want to keep that in mind.


In terms of your finished project, it does not seem to matter which you choose. The selection comes in its ease of use, drying time and availability…and personal preference! All in all, these are each a great product that provides a resin-like hard, glassy surface without mixing any chemicals. I hope you have found this product test to be helpful!