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Twinkle Twinkle Variety


As I am busy preparing for a an upcoming trip, I didn’t get my Friday recap posted. Lucky me, because I received two great ATCs on Saturday that I want to share. Both of these came from Australia and both were for a nursery rhyme swap based on Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. Both of the artists used paper as the primary basis of the ATC, but that is where the similarities end!

The first one came from Sharon Mackie. She used some fabulous starry paper as the background for this beautiful vintage image with the nursery rhyme. It’s embellished with dainty blue star trim around the image (where does she find this stuff?) and a large star rhinestone.


The next ATC is from Beverly Giggins. She used a cutout to create a window on her ATC. Out the window is the night sky, filled with stars she has drawn in gold. What you can barely see is that the dark teal paper she used has a starry texture as well. They are large stars embossed in the actual paper. I took this picture at an angle to try highlighting those stars. She added a brad with a starry charm and the title of the rhyme.


It’s always fun to see how the same people can have a completely different take on the same theme. I wish I could share with you the two ATCs I made for this swap. In my haste to mail, I failed to take pictures of them. Maybe if Sharon and Beverly send me pics, I can add them to this later. Hint, hint!



Friday Recap


It’s been an active week in my family AND in my mailbox! Wednesday my daughter graduated from 8th grade, today is my hubby’s birthday, and these are some of the terrific ATCs I received in the mail. I do feel slightly guilty that I got more fun mail this week than those two did!

These first two came from my friend Janis Bowen. We did a private swap of Zetti style ATCs. Aren’t hers so cute?


The next one was for a cartoon series. Sharon in Australia made this QuickDraw McGraw. I love how she cut the matte around it.


This ATC I received for a series in circus performers. This theme was jugglers.


For the Red, White & Black swap from Sharon Godley, this lovely geometrical design:





Friday Recap


It wasn’t a super busy week in my mailbox, but there are a few new ATCs I received that I can share with you.

I have been joining several swaps involving the use of cancelled postage stamps. This first one was for using a stamp as the head of a person. I received this card from Sherri in Oregon.


These next two are from Tara Clark and they involve transportation.



The next cute little character came from Christy Turner. She drew her favorite cartoon character, Courage the Dog.


And, all the way from Australia, my friend Sharon sent this cute little ATC for a nursery rhyme swap. Can you guess which rhyme?


You can see from these cards the wide assortment of styles and techniques that artists use to create ATCs. Hand drawn, collages, mixed media…whatever works to convey the message of the artist!

First Post!


Welcome! To start the blog, I have posted just a few recent ATCs that I have made and traded. I chose these to show the variety of methods that I use in creating ATCs. Some, such as Odie, are entirely hand drawn using Copic Markers.


With others, such as Dory, I draw an image, but then attach it to printed scrapbook paper.


Some ATCs incorporate ephemera, such as cancelled postage stamps or old book pages, as can be seen in the nursing ATC.


The fun with ATCs is that you are only limited by your own imagination and creativity.

The good news is that even when your own creative juices are at a standstill, there are unlimited resources online. With this blog, I will be linking to the sites of other artists’ who share great techniques. I will also be posting pics of ATCs that I receive in trade from other artists around the world. I swap on Swap-bot so you may see some of your art here someday, too!

It is my hope with this blog to share with others the joy I have found in creating ATCs, inspire others to create their own mini works of art, and teach a few interesting techniques for ATC art. Come back often to see what’s new!