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Using Preprinted Supplies


Sorry it has been awhile since my last post. All of my Summer travels caught up with me, and I had to take a break from crafting to do other things…but now I’m back with a few ideas for making ATCs.

There are a lot of great preprinted papers and supplies out there. Some of them are practically ready made ATCs, such as this Graphic 45 paper


Or this little pad of papers from Memories in the Making


So how can you take something like this and make it your own original work of art?

One answer could be “Layers!”

Cut elements from these materials and layer them to create a unique compilation, as I have done in this ATC for a Halloween Vintage Cat swap.


I used a punch to isolate the image of the child and kitten. I then used Mod Podge to attach it to a piece of Halloween scrapbook paper in gray and black harlequin pattern. I used my Tim Holtz gadget to rough the edges, and then I inked them on a black stamp pad.

After the ink dried, I attached that to a piece cut from the Apothecary Labels from Echo Park Paper Co. using Mod Podge. I affixed it towards the side so part of the word, “Witchcraft” would show. It still looked a little unbalanced, so I returned to the same sheet that the large image was cut from and carefully cut the cat image. I Mod Podged that in the left corner. I later (after the photo was taken) went back and put Glossy Accent on the cat to give it a little more “pop.”

So, although it is made entirely of preprinted materials, it is uniquely mine.


Twinkle Twinkle Variety


As I am busy preparing for a an upcoming trip, I didn’t get my Friday recap posted. Lucky me, because I received two great ATCs on Saturday that I want to share. Both of these came from Australia and both were for a nursery rhyme swap based on Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. Both of the artists used paper as the primary basis of the ATC, but that is where the similarities end!

The first one came from Sharon Mackie. She used some fabulous starry paper as the background for this beautiful vintage image with the nursery rhyme. It’s embellished with dainty blue star trim around the image (where does she find this stuff?) and a large star rhinestone.


The next ATC is from Beverly Giggins. She used a cutout to create a window on her ATC. Out the window is the night sky, filled with stars she has drawn in gold. What you can barely see is that the dark teal paper she used has a starry texture as well. They are large stars embossed in the actual paper. I took this picture at an angle to try highlighting those stars. She added a brad with a starry charm and the title of the rhyme.


It’s always fun to see how the same people can have a completely different take on the same theme. I wish I could share with you the two ATCs I made for this swap. In my haste to mail, I failed to take pictures of them. Maybe if Sharon and Beverly send me pics, I can add them to this later. Hint, hint!


Friday Recap: Jacket ATC


It was a slow week in my mailbox, but there was something a little out of the ordinary I decided I should share.

I joined a group swap for a “Jacket ATC” that was hosted by Corinne in California. I had never heard of these before the swap, but she posted a link to a tutorial for creating a little cover that folds around the ATC. Corinne’s blog

I was lucky enough to have her as a swap partner and I received this pretty little package in the mail from her this week:


After slipping off the little ribbon, I opened the jacket to find this lovely ATC inside:


I thought you might be interested in seeing how I made my jacket ATC, as well. I decided to take the term “jacket” quite literally, so I created a tuxedo jacket to envelope my ATC.

I started with a piece of black paper that I cut into a 7.5″ x 7″ rectangle. I positioned the ATC in the center and made marks at the corners. I used a straight edge to draw lines marking off the corner squares that needed to be removed.

After cutting those, I folded the remaining four flaps. Then I used scissors to cut the two larger flaps into the size and shape of a tuxedo jacket. The top flap needed to be white for the shirt, so I attached a scrap of white photo paper (so it would be shiny!).


I used a scrap of the black paper to cut out a bowtie and attached that. I drew buttons on the shirt and the jacket. To make the satin lapels on the jacket, I just added glossy Mod Podge I applied with a q-tip.

I added the ATC inside with removable double-sided tape. Of course, the ATC had to be a dress!


Then I folded it and added another tiny piece of removable double-sided tape to keep the jacket closed. Voila! A Jacket ATC…literally!