Embossing machine


I love a good bargain, especially on art and craft supplies. Recently, I couldn’t pass up a great sale on a small embossing machine. I already have a large di cut machine (Cricut), so I didn’t need a machine that could do both. Therefore, this little Sizzix Boutique machine seemed perfect. At 40% off, how could I resist?


I had not yet taken it out of the box, when I sat down to make an ATC for a Wizard of Oz themed swap. I had an old Valentine with the munchkins that I wanted to use, but wasn’t sure what background. Then it clicked in my mind…when I bought my Sizzix, I also bought a brick pattern folder for it. Bazinga! Yellow Brick Road!


I had never used one of these machines before, but it was so super easy. You put the paper into the folder, which is sandwiched between plastic pieces, that is then fed into the machine. I easily turned the handle, which pressed the folder together. The pieces were fed back out to me, and inside was my yellow ATC paper that now had a brick pattern on it. It was awesome!

I added a few more Oz like touches and ended up with this:


The ruby red glittered edges came from using sparkling embossing powder. I tapped the edges of the card on a Versamark pad, then dredged them through some glittery red powder. After setting with my heat gun, they are dry and permanent. No waiting for glue to dry…I’ll never go back to regular glitter or glitter glue again. This stuff is the best.


For the record, I’m not endorsing any particular brands, and I don’t receive anything from any particular companies. I’m just sharing with you what I have found works well for me. I’d love to hear if you have some you prefer over others!


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